Danese, Plenty of innovations in store for 2022

In just a few weeks, DANESE, headquartered in Arzignano (Vicenza province), will celebrate its 30th anniversary: the firm is ready to invest in the market with new tools

DANESE Srl is getting close and closer to a pivotal milestone. The Veneto-based enterprise was established in 1992, thanks to the long-standing experience, three decades worth, of its founders in the technical sector, in one of the world’s leading tanning districts, that is, Arzignano (Vicenza province): in just a few weeks, it will celebrate its 30th anniversary, a special occasion that will feature the launch, both on the domestic and on the foreign markets, of several innovations.
If, at the beginning, it was specialized in the manufacturing of tapes in elastic fabrics for staking machines, over the years DANESE has grown into a prominent firm, able to supply reliable spare parts and accessories at competitive prices. The DANESE “universe” encompasses renowned brands, starting with CALATI, founded in 1961 in the leather district, whose brand was taken over in 2019. After the acquisition, CALATI was relocated from Arzignano (after 58 years) to Trissino, where there are the machinery overhaul unit as well as the used machines warehouse too. The same town houses also another production facility owned by DANESE, whose headquarters (with the administration and spare parts division) is based in Arzignano.
At the Tanning Tech exhibition, held last September at the Fieramilano-Rho fairgrounds, we met Maurizio Danese, the owner of the firm bearing the same name, in a stand featuring other brands as well, such as CARM, CALATI and EZIPCUT. Despite lower turnout levels and the almost complete absence of professionals proceeding from the East and from South America, DANESE Group, as always, showcased some interesting solutions.
“The CALATI brand put on display three innovations,” explained Maurizio, who we met at a later time, in mid-November, at the corporate headquarters, “starting with the upgraded version of the Wireless Gauge, now equipped with the SeleVision software programme, that is, a wireless connection, one of our flagships. A technology still met with great success.”
Let’s move on to the second innovation…
“It is the 4.50mm digital Gauge: it is not yet available on the market, but, during the trade show, we exhibited a prototype. Said device allows to carry out measurement operations up until half a metre. We believe it is the largest in the world; as far as we know, no one can supply a similar one.”
As for the third CALATI innovation, what can you tell us?
“It is a new device featuring the UNI EN ISO 2589 certification, specifically designed for leatherware manufacturers. In truth, this tool can be effectively used in a corporate department thanks to its measurement speed, while guaranteeing the same results of a laboratory thickness gauge.”
What about the EZIPCUT brand?
“During the exhibition, we put on display our range of trimming machines. Another remarkable innovation will be launched in 2022, it is an important project we have been working on for quite some time, conceived for the leatherware industry as well as for other end sectors. We do not want to give anything away.”
A bombshell dropped in the previous months, reported by the main international economy and finance newspapers, concerned the bankruptcy of AWUKO, the German emery paper giant.
“We came across this piece of information last summer thanks to the media, then we got some official news as well. According to German newspaper, the Group has gone into receivership, in the hands of a tribunal. The same German sources highlighted also the fact that the best technicians chose to leave. Therefore, the situation is critical.”
According to the rumours, this was not a surprise, given that the brand seemingly registered a loss amounting to approximately 8 million euros back in 2019, before the pandemic. What is your opinion about this bankruptcy?
“We do not think it appropriate to comment, especially when it comes to a brand that used to be our main competitor. I can only say that Danese, with its CARM brand, is one of the few reliable, efficient, affordable alternatives to German paper worldwide.”
What will happen after AWUKO’s collapse?
“Generally speaking, this situation might arouse the interest of many, as several companies are currently monitoring the market, DANESE included: thanks to CARM, it can put at the customers’ disposal the cutting-edge technology and the experience acquired in two decades. As far as this sector is concerned, we work mainly with foreign markets.”
What is your opinion about Tanning Tech 2021?
“We are sorry for the subdued edition with fewer exhibitors, but to attend was the right thing to do in order to get back on track all together after almost two years without the main exhibitions. The range of solutions on display at our stand was then shared, via social media, with those who had no chance to come to Milan. Our desire is that the next edition can mark a return to normal, hoping that the trade show can keep its scheduling during fall season, a far more suitable option compared to February.”
One last question about your plans for 2022: can you give us a preview?
“I can only say that there are many innovations in store. We must keep a close eye on the market situation, we do not want to act rashly. Over the last twenty months, we have had more time to deal with R&D projects and the results achieved have been remarkable. Ours is still a craft enterprise, we do not focus on mass production. Therefore, we can guarantee the utmost reliable and customer care, given that every single technology can be customized.”


Maurizio e Matteo Danese