Gruppo Serafini, global scope

Serafini Group is gaining an increasingly strong foothold in the international markets. Under the guidance of the new sales manager, Roberto Elisei, business strategies and scenarios evolve constantly

Roberto Elisei is the new Sales Director of Serafini, Marche-based group at the forefront of the production of supporting materials and adhesive tapes for several end sectors, ranging from footwear to leatherware, from leather garments to the automotive field. A fashion industry expert who worked in the management of high-end brands such as Cesare Paciotti, Fornarina, Hugo Boss, Falc, just to name a few, Roberto Elisei has returned to his “home court”, side by side with his childhood friend and playmate: the firm’s owner, Marco Serafini. “I live just ten minutes away from the company and I have known Marco since we were five,” stated Elisei at the latest edition of Lineapelle. “We have decided to bring together our experiences to take up new challenges and to develop a new problem-solving method with the support of cutting-edge technologies.” The flagship of the enterprise headquartered in Civitanova Marche is the innovative automated warehouse equipped with stacker cranes, a solution that manages to utterly improve the quality of the service provided to the customer as well as to optimize both space and overall costs. Thanks to the central IT system called WMS (Warehouse Management System), the plant allows to maximize storage efficiency, the picking process management, thus reducing markedly the time required to handle orders, and stock replenishment operations. Furthermore, the installation of the WMS software programme connects the warehouse with all corporate activities, including branches abroad, turning into an effective source of data and information that can be analysed in real time.
“The most topical issue lies in raw materials shortage, a problem that results in both a price increase and in longer delivery times,” explained Elisei. “Transport expenses affect the price of our articles substantially: from $3500 per container, the cost has risen up to $18,000. Luckily enough, a while back, Marco made a wise, far-sighted decision, that is, to invest in raw materials. The articles stored in several warehouses allow us to supply even our competitors! Ours is a company that has been experiencing a marked growth and, this year, we expect a 30% increase in turnover compared to 2021. The short- term mission is to strengthen our presence in Spain by opening a new production facility, a brand-new addition to the sites based in Italy, Mexico and Portugal. We aim at widening the distribution network, currently encompassing the whole Europe, turning our attention to some North African countries, like Morocco and Tunisia, as well as to Ukraine and Russia, if the contingent situation allows it. We purchase raw materials from the Far East, from China and Turkey, largely from Italy too, especially cottons processed in peculiar ways, and we carry out the entire manufacturing cycle in-house. Serafini has been among the first firms in the sector to get the GRS – Global Recycle Standard textile certification and to use compounds derived from organic waste materials for the making of our products. Business-wise, the results of these initiatives are becoming more and more significant.”


Roberto Elisei (on the left) with Marco Serafini at the latest edition of Lineapelle