Guardolificio Tre.Bi, Italian passion, quality craftsmanship and contemporary style

Guardolificio Tre.Bi, the Italian excellence in welt production, focuses on color and sustainability

Boasting more than 30 years of experience in the production of welts, Tre.Bi, based in Cornuda, is an ideal partner for shoe factories, sole manufacturers, print shops, shoemakers and leather goods manufacturers. The processing of welts on behalf of third parties is carried out using modern technologies by specialists and experts. The entire production cycle takes place in Italy, in- house, with precise and accurate control of every step. Thanks to a computerized management system, Tre.Bi is able to follow all production phases from order to final delivery with the utmost care and quality. Technological innovation also allows for the rapid production of both small quantities of welts and large orders, offering an efficient response to any need. The Tre Bi production is characterized by the excellent quality-price ratio of the finished product and by the punctuality in the supply of the welts within the agreed delivery time. The in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of the welts, of the different materials, of the techniques and of the production problems allows Tre.Bi to propose itself not only as a qualified supplier, but also as a consultant for companies in the footwear sector, collaborating in the realization of a final product of superior value.
Sandra Peron, the second generation at the head of the company, emphasizes the importance of sustainability as the key to the future: “What is new for 2024 is sustainability. We always look for suppliers who use natural raw materials, even if it takes time to transform the entire supply chain. The aim is to combine the production excellence that sets us apart with a responsible approach to the environment and resources. We are committed to doing our part.”
As far as fashion trends are concerned, Sandra Peron emphasizes the return to color: “Color is joy. We have focused on this by offering a wide range of hues, including the new powder blue, pink and its declinations, grey and the classic neutral colors. Nowadays, brands also demand color from us. No rhinestones or glitter. The focus is more on pure colored material, confirming a return to formalism.”

Sandra Peron e Carlo Sammartini