Gusbi, green attitude

Upgrading and sustainability are the keywords of GUSBI, the Vigevano-based company specialized in the production of industrial plants for polyurethane molding addressed to the footwear sector and beyond

“Finally, at the fair. Returning to Simac Tanning Tech was a duty and an indispensable reaction to give a strong signal to restart, waiting any longer would have entailed the risk of encountering new uncertainties about the future.” Irene Bianchi, Gusbi’s Sales Department manager, has clear ideas about the need to meet customers again, aiming at further establish the company among competitors. “We were prepared to suffer a flop, instead there was no lack of visits, especially from European and North African customers. The South American and US customers are still suffering from travel restrictions. We will compensate for their absence by trying to set up online meetings, as already happened during the lockdowns.”
As usual, Gusbi has set up a representative stand: “Bringing the machinery would have been too complicated,” continues Irene. “The digital tools allow us to illustrate the main features properly. After all, once commissioned, our industrial plants for polyurethane molding are built to meet individual needs. This makes them open to constant improvement.” Product and process innovation is on the agenda in the Vigevano company: for each project it is decided what can and has still to be done to improve, step by step useful details and upgrading solutions are added in a constant dialogue between customer and supplier.
Sustainability also falls within this vision. “We were among the first machinery and equipment suppliers for the fashion industry to obtain the Green Tag promoted by Assomac, – underlines Ms. Bianchi – the internationally recognized certification system on the technologies’ energy-environmental performance, resulting from our seek for consumption reduction, a topic we put at the center of the production process. As manufacturers of polyurethane molding machines, we try to cooperate together with those chemical companies working on raw materials and additives for the production of polyurethane according to sustainability criteria.
Teamwork is also expressed through the twenty-year collaboration with Autec Automation. “We are an established partner and we almost build up a single company with the Tuscan corporate, specialized in robotics,” concludes Irene. “Autec supplies the entire automation line studied and designed on our machines. In this way we are able to satisfy, with a state-of-the-art product of the highest quality, even that target market that requires complete automation.”