Hüni Group, since 1728 in the tanning sector

Hüni Group, the world’s leading drum manufacturer based in Horgen, near Zurich, and boasting an Italian branch in San Miniato (Pisa province), represents by far one of the oldest tanneries in the world given that it has been operating in the industry for nearly 300 years, considering that its foundation dates back to 1728. The Swiss industry is the undisputed international leader in the sale of drums, the marketing of which began in the 1970s: after enormous success and hundreds of pieces sold in a few years, the production of wooden drums began in 1988., while in 2003. the era of plastic ones started. Currently, Hüni Group also retains this leadership in terms of the control process, patents and technology used.
The company operates worldwide, and, also given the proximity from Zurich, works very much in Italy, mostly in the two districts of Arzignano and Santa Croce sull’Arno; in Tuscany, the company also boasts a, precisely in San Miniato.
The Swiss Hüni Group’s “flagship”, that has been in production for several years, is the PPH Premium Jumbo, a unique model of drum that keeps on being well sold on the market.
“The Jumbo PPH drum has been in production for years,” said Peter Mastelic, president & CEO of the group, “but it’s still our excellence, which we continue to sell best of all and is always the star at the fairs we attend. This success is also due by the fact that our company is the only one in the world that produces a drum consisting of a single piece: looking at it carefully, it is immediately clear that there are no reinforcements or welds it is one big “tube,” which guarantees much higher durability All our competitors, who also process polypropylene, are unable to launch this type of drum in the market, which represents the top of our range.”
In terms of automation, the company is constantly working on upgrades and new features, as this is an ever-evolving sector. The big issue today is digitization, as required by Industry 4.0 standards, that’s why the company set up an in-house IT department, an important branch in which Hüni is investing significant resources.