Hyperganic and DESMA new collaboration

Hyperganic and DESMA Collaborate to Dramatically Accelerate Footwear Design and Production from Months to Days. Shortens time-to-market by integrating Algorithmic Engineering solution with DESMA’s manufacturing

Hyperganic, the company that radically accelerates innovation through Hyperganic Core, its Algorithmic Engineering software platform, today announced a partnership with DESMA, a global leader in footwear manufacturing machinery with extensive knowledge in footwear mold making. The two companies will collaborate to speed up the footwear production processes from months to days through the Hyperganic Design to Mold solution.

Conventional footwear design-to-production workflows are costly, time-consuming and inefficient. Footwear designers, CAD engineers and mold makers spend months collaborating on a shoe design using incompatible data formats across different time zones and language barriers. Once the design is finalized, the molds are manually constructed for mass production.

This laborious process creates many challenges in the entire manufacturing stream: from the time-consuming translation of design intents, and the challenge to make fast design iterations, to the difficulty in forecasting demand to meet short-term market trends.

Hyperganic combined its Algorithmic Engineering platform with DESMA’s direct injection molding workflow to improve the production process. The Hyperganic Design to Mold app, built on Hyperganic Core, enables footwear designers and engineers to quickly convert 2D drawings to a 3D model that perfectly fits the shoe last to make it production ready. No CAD modeling is required. Every design iteration is instantly updated. The rapid conversion saves designers and engineers significant time, which can be better spent on validating and improving the 3D model.

Next, the application automatically generates the molds. It positions the sole and generates optimized injection angles, cavities, segmentation and other tooling requirements, and algorithmically engineers production-ready tooling. The process allows unlimited design adjustments and iterations to be made, even at the last minute.

“For the first time in the history of shoemaking, we are improving the footwear industry with an incredibly fast design-to-manufacturing process for molds, and an easy-to-use toolset for designers to kickstart production,“ said Christian Decker, CEO of DESMA. “What used to be traditionally a labor-intensive and time-consuming design process for the generation of a Tech Pack with technical specifications for mold-making is now fully automated and optimized by integrating our direct injection molding process with Hyperganic’s Algorithmic Engineering solution. This powerful combination reduces the time to market from months to days.”

“Hyperganic is pleased to partner with DESMA to radically accelerate the pace of footwear design and manufacturing, through Hyperganic Core, our Algorithmic Engineering platform,” said Markus Finke, Business Development Director at Hyperganic. “We created the world’s first end-to-end, design-to- production app that empowers designers to create entire midsoles and production-ready molds from just 2D drawings. The software enables instantaneous iterations and rapid prototyping before the molds are finalized for CNC milling or additive manufacturing – all without a single CAD interaction.”

Hyperganic used the event to unveil the world’s first Algorithmically Engineered sneakers designed by performance footwear designer Daniel Shirley, who has worked with leading U.S. and European sports brands.

Named The AE, the sneakers were designed within a day without CAD tools using the Hyperganic Design to Mold app, including the generation of the corresponding three-part injection mold. DESMA then injection-molded the shoes, making them the first piece of footwear that was entirely designed and manufactured in days – an industry first.