The new Rossini X-Glove work gloves protagonists at A+A Fair

For Rossini, a manufacturer of professional and safety clothing, the journey also started from a long time ago, and more precisely from 1969, when founder Emilio Rossini opened a small workshop for the production of workwear.

Today, thanks to the continued research and study of new models and technological solutions, Rossini has developed over the years to become a point of reference, in offering safety solutions for all kinds of conditions. Italy Sales Director Piergiorgio Scarano gave us his views on the fair and the new products featured.

“The innovations presented at the fair were many. These included the Women’s Collection with garments tailored to the needs of female workers for a customized fit experience. The new line of X-Glove gloves also starred, dedicated to protecting the hand against risks of various kinds and adapted to meet the needs of sensitivity, flexibility, strength, lightness and durability. We then introduced the new Siberia Softshell winter jackets and Bomber Seattle and to showcase the extension of sizes up to 5XL, which allows for convenience and comfort for workers with larger sizes. Among the products on display were the best-selling Rossini products such as the R-Light Metal Free line of shoes and Rainold pants, as well as certified high-visibility and multi-protection clothing. Every year we work to develop technical clothing and personal protective equipment in line with market demands and trends.
Participating in such events is important to receive feedback on our products and continue to improve our offerings.
What was most appreciated is definitely the extent of our product catalog: in fact, we provide workers with not only high-quality clothing, but also PPE such as shoes, gloves, fall protection devices, respiratory, hearing, eye and face protection, both for those who have to work in low-risk situations and for those who work in high-risk conditions, where certified technical clothing is required.
Attention to detail, fabrics and combinations from a total look perspective is increasingly important, so we have worked and continue to work to provide products that are both comfortable and sophisticated in design.
The A+A 2023 Fair proved to be an important opportunity to expand into the foreign market and to compare with industry players internationally, highlighting current market trends focused on sustainability, green materials and an increasing fusion between technical sportswear and workwear. Indeed, future challenges for the industry will be related not only to products, which will have to be increasingly safe and comfortable, but also to logistics efficiency and attention to sustainability. At the logistics level, 2024 will be an important year for our company. Indeed, we have started work on the new automated warehouse, which, in addition to the existing one, will enable us to double the number of daily packages shipped and improve the well-being of the operators involved.
I close, recalling the contribution of Rossini with investments in social, environmental and corporate governance perspectives, embracing the UN goals to promote sustainable development, with the more than 800 thousand euros allocated in 2023 for these purposes, with further investments already planned for 2024.
In the second half of 2023, the first phase of the restyling of the headquarters has also begun, an initiative strongly desired by management to improve not only well-being, but also to foster collaboration among people and stimulate their creativity.”


Piergiorgio Scarano