I-TECH the latest innovations at the Milan fair

Great expectations at the Tanning Tech show in September for the Sassuolo (Modena)-based company, which with its software contributes to the efficiency of the production process in key 4.0 in the tanning sector

I-TECH is among the brands that are sure to be protagonists at the Tanning Tech show scheduled for Sept. 20-22. The Sassuolo (Modena)- based company, which has been offering a wide range of technologies in different sectors for more than 20 years, is becoming increasingly important in the tanning sector with its hardware and software solutions that contribute to the efficiency of the production process in a sustainable 4.0 key. “The message is clear,” explains Sales Director and share-holder Andrea Carandini, whom we interviewed at the ProssimaPelle event held June 30 in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), where the Emilia-based company was an exhibitor, “at the stand we will bring the total maturation of what is our idea of optimized redefinition of the preparation process in the finishing department. Our solutions are always composed of two macro-parts, one plant hardware and one integrated software. For each stage of production, ad-hoc solutions of the latest technology have been designed to ensure a drastic reduction in the consumption of raw materials (dyes, additives, resins, chemicals in general, etc.) and water consumption due to washing operations, as well as a net reduction in waste and discharge. All this leads to radical cost reduction and performance improvement that radically revolutionize and improve working methods. Significant experiences and “field trials” have been put in place in recent years by I-TECH. “Very often,” Carandini continues, “we work alongside important industries in the search for production process efficiency, even with very driven levels but always with a view to true and tangible sustainability. Our solutions allow us to really understand consumption, waste and recycling, only through numbers can real efficiency be demonstrated. We are working in this direction, customers understand this and are following us. Speaking of Italy, in Santa Croce, we meet very receptive companies, as well as in Arzignano, where at the beginning of the summer we made a double installation, which was followed by two more in Tuscany. There are still two more are planned in the Santa Croce area in August and October. Our customers are careful innovators; and they are not satisfied with just buying machines or systems but they are looking for partners able to provide complete solutions for the efficiency of their production processes and this allows us to have an all-round consultancy relationship. We listen carefully to the customer problems and while maintaining mutual respect for the roles of each other, we go in search of ‘the feeling’ of how to address the problem and solve it. We almost always find a solution quickly, then move on to solve another problem.” “The new solutions we will bring to the Milan Fair,” concludes I-TECH’s Sales Director, “include many new features, but in the meantime we are also maturing and growing, almost daily making improvements in the efficiency of our technologies. In recent years we have invested a lot in the tanning sector, but also in the other three sectors we deal with: ceramics, packaging and industrial coating. There are technologies that can be applied in more than one sector; having been the first to address these issues, we have the advantage of being able to leverage the investments made in one sector also in all the others across the board and internationally. Ceramics boasts a wide range of technologies and solutions aimed at preparing glazes, inks, colours and paints for traditional and digital decoration. Even in industrial coating and packaging, where we have been committed for more than 20 years, we still manage to accumulate additional know-how, always striving to increase efficiency.”


Andrea Carandini