The caprese sandal by Bottega Caprese

The link between typical Capri shoe craftsmanship and Campania costume jewelry is so deep-rooted, consolidated and prospective that it has made the production of traditional sandals a goal for many local companies in the sector. Bottega Caprese from Agnano, in the province of Naples, has recently joined the ranks of Caprese sandals producers. “The brand – points out Gaetano Pirone, owner of the company together with his partner Vittorio Di Canio – was born three months ago. We started years ago as accessories suppliers of necklaces, bracelets and belts and we decided to also approach to the Capri sandal, considering that we were already supplying components to other footwear companies.” The production is entirely artisanal and carried out in house, from design to model making, up to the finished product. “No contracting. Our company extends over two thousand square meters and has ten employees who carry out their work with passion and professionalism. Depending on the accessory, we create the sandal starting from various types of leather – whether suede, python or other – then, based on the colors of the accessories, we look for the one that best suits the shoe. For now, we haven’t yet thought about whether to add winter production, given that we are still understanding how to move and orient ourselves on the market. We are thinking of positioning ourselves better in Germany, the USA and Italy itself. Apart from the corporate one – concludes Pirone – we have neither representatives nor showrooms.”

As regards costume jewelry, the company has been on the market for fifteen years and has become a trusted partner of both Italian companies, including many prominent names, and foreign ones: these items are renowned and appreciated particularly in Japan.