International Leather Weaving, the art of weaving

International Leather Weavings, a top company specializing in handmade leather goods and footwear, customized to meet the needs of luxury brands.

“Each item is handmade using yarns of any composition,” said Leonardo Lami, partner of International Leather Weavings (ILW) and administrator of the company, at at Lineapelle. ILW is based in Fucecchio, specializing in the art of weaving for fashion, following a tradition rooted in the Florence countryside since the 18th century. “We mainly work with leather, but our expertise and creativity allow us to work with any natural, artificial, synthetic, eco-sustainable, recyclable textile fiber, in short, any material that can be transformed into yarn.” Uppers, bags and small leather goods, garment parts, belts and bijoux are made upon request from style offices using a variety of manual techniques that range from exclusive weaves to stitching, crochet and macrame work to sewing.

“We receive raw materials from customers on a commission basis and produce semi-finished products – mignon, ribbons, bands, round, domed, etc. in any size, dimension and shape – in Italy through a trusted network of subcontractors, and then ship them, after a quality control, to our headquarters in Albania where the weaving phase takes place. The delocalized hub allows us to draw on that specialized labor that has become increasingly rare in our production chain. We are not just talking about a craft, but a real art that requires from two to 48 hours of manual work depending on the product: we invest in training, but it is increasingly difficult to find workers with the manual skills necessary to achieve in the short term the high quality standards required by the official made in Italy protocol.”

At Lineapelle, the company always offers a wide range of fashion weaves that reflect its creative style, but 90% of ILW’s production is customized and made exclusively to meet the individual needs of the customer.

Leonardo Lami at the ILW stand at Lineapelle

The new ILW sample book of exclusive hand- woven weaves made for the fashion sector