ISM GmbH, Report A+A Düsseldorf

Based in Lippstadt, ffermany, ISM (now part of PIP global) has grown from a family business to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety footwear, functional and workwear. The company bases its business on innovations, competitive products and solution-oriented services on a global network, and presented innovative lines for its prestigious brands at A+A. Danilo Peressini, Sales Manager Italy for Puma Safety and Albratros, explains.

“A+A is a strategic trade fair. We have taken advantage of this important showcase to present some innovations concerning extensions of existing product lines but above all to preview two new product lines, one for the ALBATROS brand (XPR PROTECT) and one for the PUMA Safety brand (MOTION PWR).
Our aim in developing these new lines is to use the latest technologies to guarantee high performance in terms of lightness and flexibility, while maintaining our DNA of high-level products and without compromising on durability and comfort.
We also took the opportunity of the trade fair to sound out the feedback of our visitors by means of a questionnaire, and the outcome was totally positive; there was a great deal of enthusiasm and curiosity about the availability of the new footwear lines presented.
Occupational safety footwear and clothing is an ever-growing market, in which an increasing number of users and distributors are looking to purchase products of superior quality and performance.
Our product portfolio is ideal in a market like this, as we are able to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of performance thanks to the countless technologies we develop.”

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