Italsform, from artisan roots to world leadership

talsform reaches the 40-year milestone, celebrating a journey studded with successes and innovations in the beating heart of high-fashion and luxury footwear

‘Creativity’ is the keyword that resonates in the words of Davide Sarpieri, and Viviana Pirini, Managing Directors of Italsform, a leading manufacturer of designer soles. The company has been challenging the impossible for 40 years, exploring new materials, designs and technologies to make the creations of the biggest luxury brands unique. An important milestone that fills Sarpieri and Pirini with pride. “We look to the future with confidence,” says the manager Pirini. “The challenge is to continue to grow with our clients, offering them impeccable service and products that are always innovative.”
Founded in 1984 as a subcontractor, Italsform quickly established itself as a reference point for the production of semi-finished products, soles and monoblocks in leather and rubber. “We have always focused on special things,” says the Founder, “proposing innovations even when we were still a small company”. A philosophy that has led the company to grow steadily, until it has become an irreplaceable partner for the most prestigious names in fashion. “The creative part is fundamental for us,” affirms Viviana Pirini. “Every year we present a completely new range of colours and styles at the fair, the result of continuous experimentation and research.” A process that is based on manual skill, sensitivity and love for the material. “Our creations are made like a recipe in the kitchen,” Sarpieri explains, “from a combination of ingredients that is constantly evolving and transforming.” But what is the secret of Italsform’s success? “Creativity, quality, punctuality and service,” Sarpieri answers without hesitation. “These are the values that have allowed us to win the trust of the biggest luxury brands and that will continue to guide us in the future.” The market is constantly evolving and challenges are not missing, but the company from San Mauro Pascoli is ready to face them with tenacity and determination. “We want to obtain the certifications that will allow us to consolidate our market position and continue to grow,” Pirini concludes. “The goal is to keep on making a difference in the world of high fashion, offering our clients unique and inimitable products.”

Shapes, colours, designs always different: Italsform turns forty without ever giving up its dedication to research and innovation

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