Blueitaly™ Group textile ennobling: toward a new renaissance

In contemporary times, so full of stimuli, artistic and cultural exchanges, in the manner of a modern Renaissance, fashion brands increasingly need a diversification of style, a true characterization of their brand. To meet this need, from the idea of its founder Cinzia Di Zio, ten years ago Blueitaly Group was established, a company in the Fashion industry that operates in the textile finishing sector and produces for the most important international brands.
Located within the 1,000-square-meter facility of Blue Project in Pescara, BlueitalyTM Group centers its research, design and prototype creation activities, and has its representative offices with a showroom displaying 4,000 pieces of the collection, available to customers and constantly being updated.
Ennobling fabric means subjecting it to treatments to transform it from a raw material into a semi-finished product suitable for further processing or into a finished fabric ready for product manufacture. BlueitalyTM Group stands out as excelling in what it considers to all intents and purposes a true art form. This is how it approaches product making, starting with creativity and the search for beauty, combining progress with tradition, art and design, and fusing them together in the craft of textile ennobling.
A know-how that, through intensive study, has over time led the company to adopt the most modern technological systems and develop several patents.
Among the techniques used are hot laser, cold laser, machine and hand embroidery, needle punching, punching, ultrasonic, 3D printing, taping, heat sealing, lamination, stamping, embossing, screen printing, digital printing, sublimation printing; a successful union of new contemporary craftsmanship and old crafts.
Since its founding, and the name itself is direct evidence of this, the BlueitalyTM Group has been actively engaged in implementing a production reality that is attentive to the respectful use of the environment and its resources.
Thanks to internal qualitative monitoring aimed at identifying areas for improvement in its supply chain, its sustainability performance is validated by ABC (Abruzzo Block Chain) digital certification, to ensure even the consumer has maximum transparency about its eco-sustainable efforts. Efforts that three years ago led the company to establish the new BioprojectTM division and its innovative Industrial WasteTM and ChrisalysTM brands, focused on developing new and increasingly effective zero-impact textile finishing solutions using certified, innovative and recycled materials.
A great commitment that encapsulates a passion for beauty, attention to nature and the excellence of the creative genius Made in Italy, rewarded by excellent results and prestigious international clientele.