Rotacoat, the J1 3400 rollercoating machine will be the trump card for the recovery

 width=ROTACOAT, is an innovative start-up founded in 2019 and specialized in the production of finishing roller machines, the result of a completely original approach.

Massimo Valente

Massimo Valente, ROTACOAT Commercial Director, positively looks at the post- Covid future. “Our revolutionary J1 3400 rollercoating machine we launched last autumn, will catalyze new interests and therefore new customers, those who have not yet been able to fully understand its potential.” 

“The difficulties in raw material procurement – he specifies – and the fears caused by its cost increases cannot fail to have negative repercussions on the second half of the year, even if we are confident that the desire for innovation of the J1 3400 model will give excellent results on the national and foreign market. Such results were already tangible in the first half of the year; we believe the impact on the market won’t weaken in the future, also considering that this technology perfectly fits environmentfriendly policies, specifically in terms of water and chemicals consumption reduction, as well as in the complete cut of polluting emissions into the atmosphere.”

Rotacoat has already confirmed its participation in the Milan Fair next September 22 – 24. “Even if there will be limitations and restrictions, we will certainly attend Simac Tanning Tech 2021 – concludes Valente – together with our partner Barnini, hoping that the event will be a booster also for 2022 and the following years. International fairs are an essential promotional tool and an opportunity to meet a wide audience of professional operators, buyers and trendsetters from all over the world. They are an unmissable opportunity for discussion with potential agents, distributors and colleagues and they also help to focus on several issues and trends about foreign countries that may actually be distant from us and difficult to reach in person. Meeting opportunities will be a must in everyone’s agendas once again.”