L’evoluzione della tripla densità

The Cornuda-based company, leader in the production of polyurethane direct injection machines for the footwear industry, keeps on innovating in the field of triple density sole molding technologies.

FORMULA is the new generation of automatic systems, which integrates the innovative double ring molding technologies, patented by STEMMA for three-layers or three different densities soles.
The soles can be produced by double injection of polyurethane combined with pre-molded treads in rubber or TPU (PLUS2 technology), or, the latest innovation presented, by a single integrated process (SWAP system): the tread is obtained by casting TPU or by injection or spraying of polyurethane.
These technologies, due to their potential, can be used in the production of technical footwear and in particular in the safety shoes sector.
As a matter of fact, they enhance the characteristics of the sole, combining the specific properties (e.g. hardness, rebound, lightness) of the materials used, resulting in shoes with an innovative design, featuring new aesthetic and functional solutions: the polyurethane of the sole combines with the upper to create protection or stiffening elements.
The solutions developed by STEMMA stand out for their productivity and efficiency which remains almost unchanged compared to that of traditional dual-density productions.
The processing units are perfectly integrated into a fully automated system, which guarantees reduced use of manpower and high technical and quality standards of the product.