Main Group, production efficiency to support the recovery

The international health emergency has accentuated some weaknesses in the production chain, which today is a very topical issue.


Shortening the supply chain, improving efficiency, saving tangible and intangible resources become essential to support the recovery of the footwear market.

In this context, Main Group Technologies has studied and developed a set of solutions to ensure ever greater processes automation and interconnection.

In particular, the automation package introduces a series of tools to improve the efficiency and quality of some specific phases: the automatic change high-precision carding, suitable to work all types of leather and synthetic materials; the “tailor-made” silicone process for any mold or process; the automatic change of molds and the interconnection of all the production line stations.

Each application is designed to improve the quality of the finished article, minimizing human intervention and improving productivity and replicability. Sustainability is another topic to which the Atom Group is giving more and more importance, a commitment resulting from the increasing attention paid by consumers, and consequently by fashion brands.

Main Group has developed a new cutting-edge technology applied to DELT-UP, modern rotary machines for the boots thermoplastic material injection up to three colors ensuring significant energy savings. Thanks to the integration of special independent pumps, controlled by brushless motors, it was possible to achieve a high level of efficiency of the entire manufacturing process, registering a 30% reduction in energy consumption on the production of three-color boots and a reduction in noise by 70%.