Main Group, High-technological sustainability

Main Group continues its path towards sustainable production, presenting many innovations at Simac Tanning Tech 2023 to make the footwear process more ecological and efficient.
At the heart of the proposal of the Veneto-based company is the plant for the reintroduction of waste into the production cycle: the range of auxiliaries that allow completely efficient recycling and perfect integration with the main Main Group machinery has been upgraded, expanded and perfected.
A further step in this direction is represented by the MGT ECOLINE® pulverization line, the new system that allows the transformation of PU, EVA or rubber production waste into powder, with a variable granulometry between 400 mμ and 600 mμ, obtaining a high-quality final product, usable in different applications.
Even the analysis of data, which production plants are increasingly capable of collecting and transmitting, is today an essential part of production efficiency: for this purpose, Main Group has developed the DataLab division, specialized in data management and in providing companies with tools to make machines intelligent systems for transmitting the information necessary to improve quality, reduce costs and plan maintenance perfectly.
In terms of efficiency and flexibility, the range of proposals that Main Group will display at Simac Tanning Tech by is completed by Sirius, the new machine for the production of one- and two-color soles for footwear in compact, expanded, rigid and super-expanded thermoplastic materials, able to combine the reliability of static machines with the high productivity of rotary machines.