MastroModa Positano, a timeless passion, a unique style

A family history that lay its roots and merges with that of a magical, surreal, dreamlike place: we are in Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast.

Here, the family Mastro decided, around the end of the 1970s, to start a journey aimed at excellence: this is how the MastroModa brand was born. Its products are today well-appreciated for exquisite craftsmanship and design in Italy and beyond.
The family Mastro, still at the helm of the company, aims at representing the true intrinsic meaning and value of Positano craftsmanship, in order to overcome the time barriers and to combine the noble tradition of this land with the needs of modernity.
We met Salvatore Mastro, who told us, at the enchanting headquarters in via Monsignor Saverio, how this dream was born and what added values the brand offers to the market.
Salvatore Mastro, how the MastroModa brand was founded?
The company was founded in 1980. At that time, Positano was thriving, boasted prosperous and several job opportunities, opportunities that I wanted to grasp and pursue.
With the support of a numerous, loving family, I was able to found the brand and develop it quickly, starting with our small workshop where me and my brothers literally learned the craft.
How has the brand evolved?
As time went by, we have implemented our customer network by instilling that sense of trust typical of small shops. Thank to our obstinacy, we then decided to expand our view, to retain a larger and more international slice of clients. We started taking part in the Italian, European and non-European trade shows: these events are very important showcases, through which, in addition to marketing, you have the opportunity to study the new fashion trends.
Being well established entrepreneurs, we gave the due importance to these events, through which we managed to enhance and consolidate Positano fashion internationally and increase our market share. Thanks to such fairs, we could also build contacts, consolidating customer relationships as well as, from time to time, study current trends and strategies for entering a new market or promote the collections already on sale.
What feedback do you have from the market?
Thanks to a deep notional background and a ten-year know-how in the production of outerwear we can say that we are well positioned on the market, being among the leading brands of the ‘Made in Italy’ internationally. Our clothes are the result of careful craftsmanship, aimed at creating an elegant, innovative and youthful style, and I can say that the feedback from the market is definitely positive. Our collections embody the infinite personality of Positano fashion, sparkled by a very strong feeling that focuses on the quality of the garments, the dedication and refinement of the clothes we offer our customers. We are pursuing this goal tenaciously: for us, lovers of the Positano fashion, this has always been a mission, and is, today, the crowning of a dream; we aspire to become ambassadors of this land, with its history, its traditions, its perfumes and colors.
What added value do you offer the customer?
Without a doubt, we offer an exclusive service, we can say unique: almost all of our fabrics come from local weaving mills, which make yarns exclusively for us. As you can well imagine, these are special materials, made expressly, which fit exclusively to the Positano line and which make the entire dress a truly unique piece.
Synthetic materials are not part of our catalog; fabrics such as natural linen are washed and treated naturally, and we only use ‘green’ components: details such as coconut or mother-of-pearl buttons enhance each garment, which are further embellished with the most special and valuable embroideries that we can apply. In addition, we offer every woman the opportunity to complete the outfit with matching accessories: bags, hats and even leather sandals, all made and trimmed with the fabric scraps of the clothes themselves and with the same embroidery. This service is particularly appreciated by customers, who can thus dress MastroModa from head to toe.
Where is the production site located and where your items are sold?
The factory is located right in Positano, it hosts a dozen employees and is spread over different levels, which include the sales department, goods control, cutting room and ironing room.
The company overlooks the sea, from which we draw constant inspiration: that’s right here that the Mediterranean philosophy, its colors and its incredible beauties, overwhelm and animate us, giving us every day a new inspiration to interpret the modern needs of fashion, while remaining faithful to our tradition.
Right here in Positano, an integral part of our vision of fashion, we have opened three MastroModa stores, dedicated to clothes and accessories, always family-run. In this wonderful location, our family, boosted by a deep love for the timeless Positano style, wants to perpetuate the great values of craftsmanship.

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