Mec Man Engineering, exponential growth

Market differentiation, the development of a new headquarters and the project of a consortium where industry excellences can find new synergies: these are the new goals of the Veneto company.

After only four months of operation, Mec Man Engineering is expanding very rapidly, attesting to a success that had already been predicted. Created with the intention of becoming the reference point for the technological development of companies in the tanning sector, it has exceeded even the expectations of its own creator, Marco Agostini, co-owner of Mec Man. This success is undoubtedly due to the quality of the entire Mec Man team, the experience and reputation acquired over the years, and the continuous investment in high-end technology, thanks to the fusion of the best talents with the best engineering technology available.
You inaugurated Mec Man Engineering a short time ago and are already running fast toward new goals….
“The choice to have created the Engineering subdivision is paying off beyond measure. In these few months, I have been able to experience firsthand that being able to design the electronic boards, make the necessary sensors in- house and ensure impeccable service has opened up unimagined avenues for us. We are being approached by companies from other sectors besides tanning: most recently, a company that builds machines that deliver vaccines to chicks. It all started with the software we developed for S.E.S., that is, for that system that implements energy saving in the spraying department of the tannery. The same program, applied to the vaccine machines, allows us to do countless other things. We have found that there is nothing like it on the market, and the application possibilities are unlimited.”
At this point you can work in any sector….
“That was what I was hoping for, to be able to differentiate our business, also recently, there is news that one of the tanneries of the Prada Group gave us the opportunity to present our project to renew some parts of its production. In Mec Man Engineering they find expertise, seriousness and reliability that they do not have elsewhere, because they are above common standards.”
All this is a great testament to trust….
“Yes, that is why the project must be continued and developed. Since the location where we are now is undersized for current needs, we are looking, in Arzignano, for a new facility, of a more adequate size. This Hub will become the hub of Mec Man, Mec Man Tuscany and Mec Man Engineering.”
But you didn’t stop there, correct?
“From the very beginning of our activity, we have been constantly striving to build beneficial partnerships among machine manufacturers. Today we want the Engineering department to become the collective that involves many other realities within it. The project is already in the works because by my side are manufacturers who have the same vision as me. Our industry is suffering, it is undeniable, and there are objective problems in finding technical and commercial personnel. It is time to join forces and network to get out of the crisis. I am thinking of a kind of consortium, with a few rules but clear and effective ones. Only in this way will we create value.”

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