Menghi Shoes, unceasing search for innovation – spotted at Lineapelle

How is success achieved? For a company, for sure, through a rational and rigorous organization aimed at reaching the set goals. To always compete at high levels, the production processes optimization must be the core around which building the entire structure: only in this way, a company becomes efficient, strong and ready to respond to an increasingly demanding market. Elisa Barchetti, Head of the Commercial Office of the Loreto-based company, explains what were the steps that led the Group to choose the path of a new acquisition.
What policies have you implemented in the last year?
“First of all, we took a very important step: we acquired Grosso Srl, specialized in the design and manufacture of molds. With this acquisition, we want to give an all-round service to the customer, which starts from simple designing, planning, prototyping, mold making up to the finished product production, all made possible thanks to the synergies between the companies of the Group. In order for the service to be always better, we have strengthened Grosso srl making it one of the most imported workshops in Italy in terms of equipment, including the rapid prototyping machine that makes prototypes faithful to the real piece to be printed. We can say that today ours is an increasingly complete business, able to meet the needs of all our customers and offer them a more accurate and functional service.”
You have made important investments…
“Although we were in the midst of the pandemic, we still decided to invest in new technologies, new design systems and new molding machines. Today our company can boast a large fleet of machines that lets to reach a production capacity of about 5 million pairs / year, making the Group truly at the forefront, more and more performing and ready to every customer request.”
What do you expect from the future?
“That’s a good question… It’s a very special moment. We are certainly very focused on increasingly improving customer service, guaranteeing lead times that are more in line with market demands, flexibility and an even better product, qualitatively speaking. Quality is essential for us and everything that revolves around it becomes a goal to be achieved. We often find ourselves facing important challenges regarding the product we make, finding ourselves working on complicated projects, but for this very reason stimulating, where we can put all our know-how to good use.”
Let’s talk about sustainability…
“Sustainability is also an important issue for us and we want to tackle it well. It is easy to say to be a sustainable company, but this has to be proved and certified, also by using green raw materials. It is necessary to certify the whole supply chain, so to properly guarantee our product to the customer. We don’t want to sell just an idea, but to be concrete.”
What were the major requests?
“What they ask us most are the bio and sustainable materials. For this purpose, we are investing in research activities, in partnership with Università di Camerino or with leading companies in the supply of certified materials”.
We know that you have launched a new product, Sun. Did customers like it?
“They liked it a lot because, despite having large volumes, the trend of the moment, it is comfortable and light, thanks to the combination of design and materials, specifically, Eva. It’s called Sun, which we need so much, after a moment of darkness like the one we have faced in the last period”.
A long-cherished wish in the drawer…
“We chose to take part in this edition of LineaPelle, among the many fairs, as the first direct contact with the market. We decided not to participate in the Micam as we considered that it was not an edition yet ready after the period of the pandemic. Mine is therefore not a wish in the drawer, but rather a wish that the period of crisis just faced will be considered as an opportunity for change towards innovation and future growth. A company able to adapting to new scenarios will certainly be a successful one and that is what we are working on.”

Elisa Barchetti, Sales Office Manager and Elisa Martinelli of the Product Development Office