Micam Glass Slipper, the second fairy tale in the #micamtales project

Micam the advertising campaign inspired by fairy tales continues. The famous glass slipper becomes a fashion icon and will be the theme of the next three editions of the international footwear Fair, starting from September

Following the success of the previous award-winning edition, the international footwear fair MICAM – due to take place at the Fiera Milano Rho from 19-21 September – will continue the #micamtales communication campaign with a second fairy-tale: MICAM Glass Slipper. In particular, the story chosen to represent this precise moment in time, when the footwear sector is full of renewed vigour in the wake of the pandemic, is that of the famous glass slipper.

“At a time when there is an overwhelming desire to restart, to begin dreaming once again – says Siro Badon, MICAM Chair – we chose one of the world’s most famous fairy-tales, because of the message of hope it contains”.

As happened with the previous “MICAM in Wonderland” theme, the fantasy world of “MICAM Glass Slipper” will accompany visitors to the trade show over the coming 3 editions of MICAM, focusing on three key moments in the tale. In September 2021 (Spring/Summer) the first chapter, “Glamorous disaster”, will show the protagonist unsuccessfully trying to create an outfit for the Ball on her own; in the second chapter, “the enchanted gown”, in February 2022 (Autumn/Winter), we will be drawn, spell-bound, into the magical moment that culminates in the creation of the enchanted dream shoes; and lastly, in September 2022 (Spring/Summer) the third chapter, “the Ball”, will focus on the quintessential fairy-tale Ball and the loss of the iconic glass slipper. Three increasingly intense moments that symbolise the creative process: first you strive to create something, perhaps making mistakes in the attempt; then you obtain the perfect result and, finally, you show it off on the most propitious occasion.

The shots taken for the campaign by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa are accompanied by a short-film for each chapter, directed by Daniele Scarpa. The narration plays on the contrast between an imaginary fairy-tale world – evoked by romantic atmospheres and slow dreamy pace, as well as by the location and clothes – and narrative hyperrealism: the original fairy story is revisited and given a contemporary twist, showing all its fragility, uncertainty and contradictions.
The first chapter, to be featured in the September 2021 edition, is entitled “Glamorous disaster” and will show the protagonist trying unsuccessfully to create an outfit for the Ball all by herself, an attempt that ends in an ironic glamorous disaster. And speaking of disasters, over the last year the pandemic has hit the footwear industry hard, but thanks to the well-known resilience and tenacity of our master shoe-makers we can now look to the future with a certain optimism.

The appointment with MICAM and its creative collections is from 19 to 21 September at Fiera Milano RHO.