Microfilm, an infinite range of proposals

Microfilm, based in Brendola, in the heart of the tanning and leather processing district, is a leader in the production of hot stamping foils and specialized in printing and treatment of polyester films for the finishing of leathers and fabrics.
Microfilm carries out a true art: changing the outlook through a wide range of colors, laminated with intense partial or total metallic reverberations, drawings, full-body lacquers, HO sequin and many other complementary proposals that ennoble leathers and fabrics for appealing products.
“The passion for our work, to which we add imagination and creativity – explains President Giuliano Sambugaro – makes our company a valid reference point for our customers’ ideas. Our items represent the perfect synthesis for a production that fully combines quality, technology and that very Italian aesthetic taste, which has led us to be known and appreciated all over the world.”
Sambugaro conceived and founded Microfilm back in 1997, aiming at producing film transfer for leather and fabrics. The company has developed gradually over the years with the installation of different machines for different processes and also of a special plant for the production of total and partial lamina intended for leather. “All our products – adds the owner – are studied and formulated with special care and attention and are able to meet the many different needs of the market and especially our customers’. We help them in their choices, in a comparison that is ultimately beneficial for both of us.” Microfilm features a wide range of items but it is always available to develop ideas and designs suggested by its customers.
Thanks to the ability to maintain their characteristics even in conditions of rubbing, light exposure and other special situations, the films produced by Microfilm are able to meet the needs and demands of fashion houses to the best possible extent. To constantly deal with the world of fashion means renewing and offering new solutions continuously: flowers, animalier, geometries, spots, clouds, etc., a wide range of transparent HO designs, and almost 100 different colors of metallic foils, are just a few proposals of the company’s wide portfolio, also highlighted by the high strength LHR foil and by the VT 500, a heat-adhesive transfer varnish that can be finished and doesn’t require reparation with coupling resins; it can be opacified, plate printed, colored and finished.
Microfilm articles are used for clothing, furnishings, shoes, bags, for industrial applications, on plastics and PVC: infinite and customized solutions for countless articles that are the result of creativity and imagination.