MINUCOOP and sustainability

Sustainability has become an increasingly recurring theme nowadays, especially in the post-pandemic recovery era.

The market is asking for it, but for years, Minucoop sc, producer of small metal parts, founded in 1980 and based in Due Carrare (Padua province), has been taking care of this issue by finding more ecological and innovative solutions for its industrial production, such as the use sustainable energy for its plants, a careful and specific storage of industrial waste disposed in facilities complying with current European regulations, up to the choice to use certified galvanic materials in line with the current restrictions
about chemicals used in the different steps of galvanic and painting processes.
Minucoop is making several efforts to keep this delicate and important balance between production and the environment. As a matter of fact, for some time now, also many big brands have chosen suppliers who can guarantee these characteristics and set their products and all the processes that involve them with the choice of increasingly ecological materials and finishes.
Minucoop welcomes this request and collaborates with customers to find the best and most sustainable production cycles, but sustainability must also be social, with particular attention to the work quality and to the care of the territory and the community.
Human well-being also becomes essential in economic production as it helps building a new image of companies; on its hand, sustainability not only involves the single company, but it also extends to other players linked to production cycles.
This topic must also involve primarily the institutions and the public administration, in ordert to contribute all together to this great energy transaction.