MM Solution: A Future of Innovation and Diversification

At Simac Tanning Tech, MM Solution launched an important new product on the market that will allow it to move into other sectors as well: this is an investment for the future

The location was ideal for officially presenting to the Italian and world markets a new product that broadens the target audience of the MA- MECC cutting center. The protagonist is MM Solution, based in Fucecchio (Florence), a leading international company in the design and production of automatic cutting systems, manufacturer of automatic and semi- automatic machines for processing shoe bottoms. The company chose the 2023 edition of Simac Tanning Tech to present a new cutting center complete with pneumatic head, which will be added to the mechanical head. Simona Volterrani, Sales Department and Sales Manager of the Tuscan company, explained this strategic choice to us at the company’s stand during the fair.
“On the cutting machine, which we have already been producing for many years,” she says, “we have widened the range of the type of production it is capable of doing, with the addition of a pneumatic head, which lets it cut finer materials, including uppers, leather, leatherette and Texon. Actually, there is nothing that extraordinary about it, it is difficult to invent new things in sole machines now, but we have made our machine more universal and high-performance. This additional option was favored by our clients, in some way it met a market demand. The expansion to other sectors had already started at the beginning of the year, as companies producing trimmings, orthopedic materials and thermal/insulating materials came to us, finding in our machine the best system for their cutting needs.” “Especially at a time when the global economy is suffering from political and war-related turmoil,” she adds, “guaranteeing the possibility of investing in a machine with more options is certainly a winning strategy.
For us, it has become almost a necessity: unfortunately, the pre-finished sole sector, which is our main business, has become more and more a niche: there are only a few of us left to operate in this specific sector, but it is also true that the customers are becoming more and more restricted. We are talking about machines for pre-finished cut soles, i.e. not injected, to the point that it has become a craftsmanship job, tailor-made. These machines require significant investments, letting them enter into other sectors, given that cutting is quite universal, is positive, it will give us great satisfaction.”
The outcome of this year’s fair is satisfying. “In terms of figures, the visitors may have decreased slightly, but those who came to our stand were all interested. This is an increasingly specialized fair, simple visitors and curious people are no longer there. In the preceding weeks we had sent out a series of invitations, a familiar marketing campaign, now obligatory for similar events. The turnout of operators from abroad was a little lower than expected, especially from Spain and Portugal, which are important countries for us. “
For MM Solution, 2023 outcomes are positive. “We are content to close the year more or less as the one before,” concludes Simona Volterrani, “after 2022 was characterized, almost for everyone, by great euphoria, probably coming from a previous two-year period, affected by Covid, in which everything was missing and had to be recovered. We are looking forward to 2024, in which we will launch some innovations, at a time and in a manner to be determined. We will continue to invest in R&D activities and work with increasing attention to the environmental aspects, a path we have always pursued. I am convinced that incentives will soon be announced for companies on the purchase of more sustainable products and materials.”