Mpa Style February 2022

Mpa Style February 2022, Material, Technology and Fashion Components Magazine.

Readers: manufacturers, designers and in-house design studios. Editorial Contents: advance trend information; trend setting colour palettes, materials and components; latest sketches and models through virtual images and prototypes worldwide news, opinions and key events.

this issue’s highlights

Spring-summer 2023 will be the first season concretely focusing on freedom in close contact with nature. The goal is to let imagination express itself and to start a process of creative relaunch through colors, materials and new generation technologies capable of expressing a positive charge thanks to their innovative and responsible content, starting with leather and its infinite possibility of development, combination and experimentation.

In this scenario, sustainability is no longer just a claim to attract consumers, but a real mission and companies stand out for their particular attention to the environment in the choice of raw materials and production processes. Design and fashion coexist enriched with precious and natural materials; versatile proposals with a sustainable soul will catch your attention.

Mpa style Feb 2022

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