Mpa Style September – October 2022

Mpa Style September - October 2022, Material, Technology and Fashion Components Magazine.

Readers: manufacturers, designers and in-house design studios. Editorial Contents: advance trend information; trend setting colour palettes, materials and components; latest sketches and models through virtual images and prototypes worldwide news, opinions and key events.

this issue’s highlights…

Today’s challenges tell us that in a current context, so rapidly and unpredictably changed, just a reactive ability and an efficient management are no longer enough. We need a lot of innovation in the name of circularity and transparency. New projects and new repairable, reusable or reconditioned materials can make us discover the beauty of things that already exist, putting aside certainties and dominant tastes. Due to years of fast-moving industry, technological and social acceleration, consumers are overstimulated. Constant changes and a future shock have been characterizing recent years and now it is crucial to be able to balance the needs of today with the demands of tomorrow. In the following pages we introduce ideas to create products that consumers will prefer in the months and years to come.

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