Mpa Style Shoes & Bags Feb/Mar 2022

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The longer the pandemic goes on, the more the need to shine, be reborn, return to life and the desire of glamorous events we were used to in the past are highlighted in the world of fashion. Concepts that have already emerged over the past two years that the fashion sector translates into ready-to-wear creations celebrating fashion, Made in Italy and the much-delayed return to live events, giving a great sign of optimism and positivity and driving a new power in the sector.

Despite the uncertainty that is still in the air and the real difficulties of the moment, the proposals for autumn/ winter 2022/23 evoke the desire for something new but at the same time faithful to the original, keeping a lot of sensitivity towards sustainability issues, ethics and circular economy that have become imperatives in the fashion supply chain.

In our usual focus on outerwear for the next winter season, a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance emerges with a touch of nonchalance that makes every item ideal for everyday life, with men ready to introducing fur into their wardrobe, even though it has always been traced back to the female universe.

Mpa Style Shoes & Bags Feb Mar 22

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Pag. 13 Winter 2022 – 2023
The “leather trend choose the accuracy of color”, alternating tan color change..,. … CARAMEL LEATHER, undertones of white …… MILK LEATHER and shades of black …… SLATE LEATHER. 

Pag. 39 A myriad of styles 
Fashion accessories inspiration for looks that are declined in various styles, from the canonical ones to those far from the idea of classic femininity

Pag. 65 Maxi borse
oversize or so large as to be closer to suitcases than to bags, they are suitable for keeping everything inside and completing every outfit

Pag. 83 Autum-Winter 22/23
The 70s-style mood is revisited with modern lines with a mix of bold shades and neutral nuances, bordeaux red and burgundy are the shades that stand out

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