Mpa Style Shoes & Bags January 2022

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Every detail reflects an up-to-date inclination to bring one’s identity outside. The desire to show off accessories such as shoes, bags, but also bijoux, glasses, gloves and scarves in everyday life, as well as on special occasions reflects a deep and shared impulse for rebirth and escape.

Everything revolves around the perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles, in the name of timeless elegance. Trends focus on refinement made of details that are combined with authentic and dynamic lifestyles. Extravagant collections coexist with comfortable, practical and above all sustainable garments and accessories from brands that make sustainability an essential element in support of a lifestyle dedicated to well-being and to the future of the planet.

Research and passion for materials of natural origin are imperative tool to create accessories that are innovative and at the same time 100% sustainable.

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Easyn Rose