Mpa Style Tannery May 2023

Mpa Style Tannery May 2023, pubblication for tanneries and leather sector

Mpa Style Tannery May 2023, Readership includes tannery owners and managers: leather technicians; chemists; machinery suppliers; upholstery, automobile and clothing industries; leather buyers and international traders.

Mpa Style TANNERY Mag 23

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Report Aplf Dubai

Innovative and sustainable: leather ready for market challenges

Index Mpa Style Tannery May 2023: Acque Del Chiampo Spa, Aircom, Anpic A.C., Aplf Asean And Acle Fair, Ars Tinctoria Srl, Assomac Servizi Srl, Azzurrodigitale Srl, Bauce Tri.Ma Srl, Bergi, Calati By Danese, D.M.S. International Srls, D.M.S. Italia Srl, Dermacolor, Dimar Group Spa, El.Pa. Service Tannery Engineering, Gsc Group Spa, Htf Srl, Italprogetti, Leder Chimica, Lineapelle Fair, Mec Man, Microfilm Srl, New 3p Srl, Nexus, Officine Di Cartigliano, Osmo Srl, Pajusco Tecnologie Srl, Poletto, Revomec, S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Shoe Machinery Fair, Silvateam, Simac Tanning Tech Fair , Sintex, Spraycolor Sas, Spraytech Srl, Ssip Stazione Sperimentale, Syn-Bios Spa Unipersonale, Teknoleather, Todesco, Unic, Unic Economic Service, Wenzhou Leather, Shoe Material & Shoe Machinery Fair