New And Best, Innovation lies in the name

New And Best has grown into a reliable partner for high-end fashion and luxury brands as well as for prominent enterprises in the safety sector, providing them with comprehensive technical assistance and with a cutting-edge, top-quality product portfolio.


Specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of accessories and components for the footwear, leatherware and apparel sectors, New and Best has met with success both in Italy and internationally, becoming a trustworthy partner to leading companies in the fashion as well as in the safety industries. As a matter of fact, over the years, the enterprise headquartered in Barletta (Barletta-Andria-Trani province) has gradually expanded its know-how and technical skills, turning its attention to several end sectors: a multi-faceted expertise that has helped tackle confidently the challenges of an ever-changing, increasingly demanding and sophisticated market.

“I believe that the word that better describes our company is customization,” stated Ruggero Doronzo, New and Best’s Sales manager, the second generation at the helm of the family-run business, together with his brother Gianluca and his father Michele. “This corporate policy gives us the opportunity to constantly upgrade and widen our product portfolio. Twice a year, we develop a new set of samples, thus providing an ample range of processing techniques, colours, materials and combinations. It is a remarkable commitment, yet one the firm has the potential to pursue.”

An international success achieved also thanks to the significant resources invested not only in the purchase of modern, efficient machinery and equipment, but also in hiring qualified professionals – a strategy resulting in a comprehensive array of service and in the ability to fully manage in-house the whole processing cycle, without resorting to external support.

“Our company keeps abreast of time and of the clientele’s demands. Nowadays, you must be independent, not relying solely on external partners. If I go and seek help outside my own firm, turning to mould makers, silk-screen painting specialists or equipment suppliers, I end up wasting too many days. Not to mention cost-wise issues. The customer is always in a hurry. By managing all processes in-house, I manage to save time and to keep competitive costs.”

To date, the range of processing techniques and services provided by New and Best comprises injection, micro-injection, screen printing, laser, thermoforming operations, high-frequency, polyurethane, digital printing, 3D embossing, mould-making workshop. Said techniques can be used not only in the footwear, accessories and apparel industries, but also in the safety sector, the latter supplied with several specific lines and products (including toe-caps, uppers, accessories, components, labels, bands, and much more).

Established in 1989, this family-run business has experienced a remarkable growth over the years, as confirmed by the marked increase in the number of employees as well as in the development of its sales network and production lines.

“Since 2000, we have been tirelessly pursuing two goals,” explained Ruggero Doronzo. “Firstly, we aim at guaranteeing the highest customer satisfaction and top-notch quality standards, product- and service-wise. Secondly, we pay close attention to compliance with the current environmental regulations.” With regard to this, the company can rely on the two certifications UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 140001 for the quality management system and for the environmental management system, respectively.