CIM Italy, officina d’arte – spotted at Lineapelle

CIM Italy has turned its attention to the combination between fashion and art, in an initiative designed by Katharina Grosse. A must-see project on display at the Venice Biennale

“We are very surprised as well as satisfied with the results achieved in the early months of this recovery-oriented year,” stated Stefano Innocenti, CIM Italy’s owner and managing director, at the latest edition of LIneapelle. “We are working hard, it is an upswing phase: the order portfolio is at an all- time high, we have even exceeded the record- breaking levels reached back in 2018. An amazing, yet unexpected outcome, especially after the complicated pandemic period.”
Acknowledged as a benchmark for the most prominent fashion and luxury brands, the company headquartered in Cernusco Lombardone (Lecco province), specialized in the design and application of studs, small metal parts and accessories for the apparel, footwear and leatherware sectors, has recently shown more and more interest in the art world via its involvement in the making of a big installation for the Venice Biennale. “A Berlin-based architecture firm commissioned us a project for the artist Kahatarina Grosse (Freiburg, 1961, editor’s note), famous worldwide for her large-scale artworks that put colour in the limelight. We manufactured 350 metal meshes (each 12-meter wide and 20- meter high) that, through a peculiar digital printing technique developed in- house, manage to reproduce, in a single, huge mosaic, a painting made by the German avant- garde artist.” The artwork is on display at the Louis Vuitton contemporary art exhibition space, in the “city by the sea” par excellence, up until November 27th, 2022. “A fairly demanding, yet fun and fascinating experience,” stated Innocenti, “that, indirectly, has helped us gain visibility, and arouse the interest and curiosity of major international designers. After all, the bond between art and fashion is long-standing and dynamic, never dormant.”


Stefano Innocenti, CIM Italy’s owner, at the latest edition of Lineapelle


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