Ottogalli, Biodegradable soles for a bio-sustainable product

Since its foundation, Ottogalli has been investing significant resources in the development of breakthrough injection moulding technologies, able to meet the increasingly demanding requests of an everchanging market.

Headquartered in Albignasego (Padua province), Ottogalli is a leading company specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of footwear injection moulding machinery – high-performance, reliable models, that can guarantee flawless results in the making of soles, boots, sandals, galoshes and of a wide range of technical items, in thermoplastics (PVC, TR, TPU and PU), EVA, rubber as well as recyclable materials. Solutions that, over the years, have been acknowledged as true breakthroughs for the injection moulding sector and that today evolved into green solutions.
“2021 was a year full of satisfactions for us,” says Luca Bertin, Ottogalli Sales Manager. “We have got very positive feedbacks from both the foreign and the Italian market, and we are extremely satisfied with our company performance.”
With an innovative drive aimed at implementing green policies, the Veneto-based company, which in addition to the Italian headquarters of about 3000 square meters also boasts several side-structures in Peru, Colombia and Mexico, is constantly looking for new technologies in the field of energy saving and environmental impact. However, Ottogalli’s studies focus above all on the possibility of using bio-compatible materials with the aid of new injection systems. “In Italy and abroad – continues Bertin – the development of solutions for the recovery of plastic to be used to create other products is constantly growing, and the claim ‘giving new life to waste’ is now the mantra of every sector, that can no longer be ignored. The research carried out so far has allowed us to include these technologies also in the footwear sector, in particular in Mexico, where we have undertaken collaborations with compound companies to develop new thermoplastic-based compounds with high percentages of oat starch and thus managing to create plants that produce soles with the use of compounds based on this natural product.”
A byword for reliability, the technologies developed by Ottogalli, developed according to Industry 4.0 standards, are modular and made with the finest materials available on the market, so as to ensure the utmost durability. The unceasing technological upgrading, together with a highly specialized staff, an eye to the needs of the market and an eco-friendly policy, confirm the company to be a true leader in the sector at a national and international level.