PANTHER, comfort and safety, with a stylish look

PANTHER Srl, based in Bovolenta (PD - Italy), produces safety and work shoes injected with the Aboutblu brand. Safe, comfortable and durable, with un unmistakable italian design.

For 40 years Panther Srl has been successfully working in the sector of injected safety and work footwear, in order to offer shoes that guarantee utmost protection from accidents at work and able to preserve and respect the morphology and physiology of the foot, relieving the daily fatigue of the worker, without giving up on a refined and appealing design.
The ABOUTBLU lines have been studied, designed, manufactured and tested to be used in the different sectors of the working world. These articles, in addition to the standard protection certifications, guarantee the well-being of the foot and therefore of the worker in any environment thanks to their construction features and materials which they’re made of. This kind of comfort is essential for the worker, because when he feels good in his shoes, he is less likely to run the risk of accidents at work. We are all aware of the importance of PPE quality that we wear or let others wear.
The ABOUTBLU brand boasts ground-breaking technologies with a very fashionable design: the cutting-edge materials such as the SAFEKNIT anti-cut fabric, very resistant and very breathable; the anatomical sole, whose shape remains unchanged for the entire life of the shoe and does not deteriorate like the insoles; the composite tips, the fiberglass POWER CAP and carbon fiber CARBON CAP are essential for the protection of the entire foot, especially for fingers and nails, because they are wide, light and imperceptible to the fingers and also athermic, as they guarantee a constant foot temperature. Furthermore, among the construction details, stand out both the stabilizer COMPOSHANK, inserted between the midsole and the sole, which guarantees the perfect balance on rungs, ladders and steep terrain and the S.S.D tape, that is sewn inside the shoe and increases its antistatic properties for the entire life of the shoe.
The latest models developed are SATURNO and MARS, increasingly comfortable and resistant. They represent a real innovation in the world of accident prevention and stand for Panther’s evolution in the search for advanced and ground- breaking technologies, supported by ethical and environmental commitment. A multi-certified company, compliant with current European and international regulations, that relies on two production sites, one in Italy and one devoted to the production of uppers in Albania, the Panther Albania sh.p.k.