Relaxshoe, Wellness in a fashion key

Innovative, dynamic, lively, imaginative and avant-garde. This is the spirit of Relaxshoe, this is the unmistakable style of its creations.

“Our goal is to show every woman how much we care about her and her well-being”, states Gianfranco Modenese while showing us the new Relaxshoe and Easy’n Rose spring-summer 2022 collection at Micam. The CEO of the company, internationally renowned as a reference point of the Italian comfortable shoe segment, is positively surprised by the return to the fair and welcomes the unexpected large number of customers and visitors being aware that his company has the necessary tools to overcome these very difficult times.

“The orders have decreased and the efforts have increased, however this year we are starting to see the first signs of a recovery”. Relaxshoe is a well-structured company, featuring all the prerequisites to move forward, to keep on flying high: business organization, ability to catch customer needs and above all to constantly improve the product.

“Today, in particular, it is necessary to focus on quality at all levels: shapes study according to utmost comfort, stylistic content, good and performing materials. We strive to perfect the top items that have made the company successful – continues Modenese – by betting on women’s footwear, a segment that has always paid more attention to the well-being and health of the foot as well as to the search for a casual and casual chic style in line to the latest trends. Our shoes are produced in an environmentally sustainable way, through the use of tested materials and compliant with the Reach requirements. Attention to the environment is also expressed through investments in photovoltaics panels that have made our plants energy self-sufficient. In short, the important thing is to proceed positively, always one step ahead of the competition. We are renowned for our professionalism and this is our strength.”

Some models of the SS22 made by Relaxshoe