Sapica 80, at the service of the MEXICAN FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY

sapica 80
Preparations are in full swing for the next edition of Sapica, the fair that aims at promoting the excellence of Mexican manufacturingSapica 80, from March 12th to 15th, 2019, the Poliforum León will open its doors to host a brand-new edition of Sapica 80, the International Footwear and Leather Fair: acknowledged as the perfect showcase for the enhancement of the excellence of Mexican manufacturing, of its creativity and values, the trade show aims at actively contributing to the growth, development and global promotion of the whole domestic fashion industry, thanks to both a varied, high-quality product portfolio and to an eclectic line-up of complementary activities. In this interview, Luis Gerardo González García, CICEG President, explained in full detail all the initiatives put in place in order to meet said goals.


Luis Gerardo González García, President of CICEG

The “Knowledge Pavilion” fosters communication and the exchange of ideas and opinions: what are the main trends that are playing a big role in the development of the footwear industry?
The Cámara de la Industria del Calzado del Estado de Guanajuato (CICEG) is bent on carrying on a project that aims at strengthening the Industry of the Future: therefore, special attention is paid to knowledge promotion, thanks also to several events, scheduled throughout the year, that put in the limelight the latest developments in terms of fashion trends, digital marketing, innovations, technology, branding, e-commerce and much more. The ultimate goal is to effectively support the Mexican enterprises operating in the footwear and leatherware fields, by putting at their disposal the most suitable tools to boost their competitiveness, the value of their production and their lead time, so as to succeed in fulfilling the requests of an increasingly hi-tech, digital market. We work in close partnership with all the players in the supply chain: research centres, universities, suppliers, business institutions and organizations, private bodies and the government. In this way, we help strengthen the domestic fashion industry, nurture up-and-coming talents and arouse the interest of the younger generations, from an occupational as well as from a commercial perspective.


Can you tell us more about the projects implemented by CICEG concerning the promotion of the Mexican footwear industry on a global scale?
Among the most significant initiatives, a special mention goes to SHOES FROM MEXICO, the project carried on jointly by bodies bent on promoting the competitiveness of the Mexican brands internationally, like CICEG and COFOCE, the Coordinator of Foreign Trade Development: the objective is to provide support to a new generation of local footwear and leatherware enterprises, by putting in the limelight the quality of their products and designs, while giving them a suitable business backing to face the global market. Generally speaking, CICEG is engaged on several fronts. First of all, it encourages Mexican companies to attend international exhibitions and trade mission abroad. Secondly, plenty of resources are invested in the development of tools and projects addressing the issue of digital internationalization: in this case, a mention goes not only to the online platform, but also to BORN GLOBAL, an initiative that will make its debut in 2019 and that will provide firms with a specialized consultancy service. Last but not least, close attention is paid to networking, as confirmed by the participation in strategical events such as Leather Goods, Mexico Showroom, Global Business Network and, most of all, the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America: FDRA.


And what is the role played by Sapica in this context?
Currently, Sapica provides a Buyers Project, developed in collaboration with COFOCE, that gives to foreign buyers the chance to attend the fair and to meet companies and manufacturers in line with their specific needs. As far as the international promotion of Mexican manufacturing is concerned, a special mention goes to the Focus Country project, that allows to strengthen trade ties and that generates favourable business opportunities. Chile was the first protagonist of this initiatives, while, in 2019, it will be Canada’s turn, the latter one of the major trading partners for Mexico, especially in term of export rate, featuring an annual turnover amounting to more than $3 million.


“México es Moda” fully embodies the mission carried on by Sapica. Can you tell us more about this event?
México es Moda succeeds in promoting the Mexican footwear and leatherware industry as a whole. Our goal is to provide a fascinating show that can draw the attention of both domestic and foreign buyers, a special showcase where to celebrate the quality and creativity of Mexican design as well as to put in the limelight emerging talents. An initiative that merges catwalk shows, entertainment and music, able to provide a new experience to different types of audience and that conveys a clear message: Mexico is Fashion.


Are you satisfied with the results collected at the latest edition of Sapica?
We are never fully satisfied, because we constantly aim at improving our performances and at implementing something new, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our team: we definitely don’t rest on our laurels. The challenges lying in store are really tough: for this reason, we are investing our energies and our talent in order to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors, buyers and exhibitors.

Can you tell us something about the upcoming edition?
It will be the 80th edition and we are arranging a programme full of surprises. Sapica is the result of decades of efforts aimed at the global promotion of a sector boasting more than 400 years of history in our country, it’s a project that embodies the desire of entrepreneurs on the lookout for a show able to gather under the same roof the best products and services for the different distribution channels, both national and international ones. To date, the essence of that dream has never changed, that is, to set up a reliable business and networking platform, now backed by a line-up of value-added activities such as the Knowledge Pavilion, Shoes From Mexico, Focus Country, México es Moda. In other word, an event that will give you the chance to get in close touch with the new Mexican fashion industry.