SAUDI FASHIONTEX EXPO – the world of fashion gathered in Riyadh next August 27-29

SAUDI FASHIONTEX EXPO will unite the national and international companies of different industry sectors, providing an opportunity for the companies to discover the latest trends, network with industry peers and make valuable business connections.

Saudi Arabia offers access to over 400 million consumers within the MENA region and SAUDI FASHIONTEX EXPO is the best platform to enter this exciting market. Participants will be able to take advantage of all these opportunities with the buyer delegations and professional visitors; 500 exhibitors from countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain, UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Morocco, China, Ireland and Indonesia along with 18000 professional visitors from 26 foreign countries from West Africa, North Africa, Middle East and Gulf Countries, European countries, which will contribute the success of the fair. Stand out from competitors by being present at a key industry event, showcasing unique products and innovative approaches to fashion, building valuable connections with industry professionals, potential partners, and retailers, fostering collaborations that can boost business growth.

Stay abreast of evolving fashion trends specific to the Saudi market, explore opportunities for international collaborations and partnerships, expanding the reach of your brand beyond Saudi Arabia: come to Saudi Fashiontex Expo!