Selasti, A historic company heading to the future

Tradition and innovation in the world of EVA rubber: face to face with Stefano Tanini Alessandri, Managing Director of Selasti.

Selasti, an Italian company based in Montebello, in the province of Florence, has a long experience in the production of EVA rubber, sheets and soles for washable healthcare clogs, healthcare mules and high fashion footwear. Founded in 1968, Selasti has established itself as a reference point in the sector, thanks to the quality of its products and its constant focus on innovation. Selasti is a solid and dynamic company that has managed to combine tradition and research. With a constant focus on customer service and a commitment to research and development, Selasti is ready to face the challenges of the future, working on new solutions that it will present at the September edition of Lineapelle, and to seize new opportunities for growth. The company has placed sustainability at the center of its activity, both in terms of its production processes and the products themselves. As regards production processes, the ‘Elite’ production line is able to reduce CO2 emissions by 264 tons per year and lower the impact of 122 tons of oil burned, which is equivalent to preserving over 48 hectares of forest every year. As far as products are concerned, the company has achieved important results in reducing its environmental impact. Despite Selasti’s commitment to protecting the environment, the production of high-quality items is not compromised. As a matter of fact, all the production lines at the Pontassieve site are powered by clean energy thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels that entirely cover the warehouses. Among the company’s strengths we can mention GSide, a product made of over 60% certified recycled material, and BioBased, the first material with ethylene totally of biogenic origin. Selasti heads to the future with confidence, certain that it can keep on being a leader in the EVA rubber production sector, thanks to its unceasing commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.
The company will take advantage of the September edition of Lineapelle to present its latest innovations and interact with trade operators. Thanks to its expertise and its ability to understand the needs of the market, Selasti is ready to face new challenges and seize the growth opportunities that will arise in the near future.
How did the fair go?
“The fair was a positive experience in many respects. There was great interest from the public in our products, especially in the new finishes we presented. However, we noticed a general climate of caution in the market, with more considered orders from clients. This has been happening for about a year now and is impacting the whole industry.”
Did you present any new products?
“We brought some new finishes for our existing products to the fair. The real innovations, however, we will present in September. We are working on several innovative solutions, especially for the shoe industry.”
What in particular are you working on for September?
“In September we will present several new products for the footwear sector, but also for other markets in which we are present. Our company has in fact been expanding its product range for many years, no longer limiting itself to footwear alone. This has allowed us to diversify our risk and better withstand market fluctuations.”
Is diversification therefore crucial to the success of Selasti?
“Absolutely so. Diversification has always been one of our key strategies. Over the last 15 years we have invested heavily in developing new products for other markets in addition to the traditional footwear market. This has enabled us to strengthen our market position and make us less dependent on passing fashion trends.”
How has customer service changed in recent years?
“Customer service has always been a key aspect for Selasti. We offer our clients a complete service, which includes consulting, technical assistance and the manufacture of customised products. In addition, this year we have invested in new machinery that allows us to offer even more special machining and finishing.”
What are the challenges and opportunities for the future of Selasti?
“The main challenge for the future is to continue innovating and developing new products that meet the needs of the changing market. Another important challenge is to increase our presence in foreign markets. The opportunities are linked to the growth of new markets, such as the outdoor and indoor furniture, packaging and boating industries, where EVA rubber can be used successfully. Furthermore, we are confident that our experience and focus on quality will allow us to continue to grow in the footwear sector as well.”