Selasti SPRINT: A Revolutionary New Product

Selasti, a name that has been synonymous with excellence in the production of E.V.A.-based expanded materials for over 50 years, proudly announces the arrival of its new revolutionary product: SPRINT. This new compact material represents a surprising evolution in the industry, bringing exceptional lightness and performance to a level never before seen among compact materials. One of its distinctive strengths is its specific weight, which stands at around half that of similar products currently on the market. This means that, despite being a compact material, SPRINT offers considerable lightness, without compromising its resistance and flexibility characteristics. Whether used as a tread or as a mounted sole for footwear, it offers a level of performance that translates into an exceptional experience. Its versatility allows for innovative use without sacrificing the intrinsic properties of compact materials. Mainly intended for the footwear sector, its appeal extends to fashion designers, brands in the fashion sector, shoe factories and sole factories. This expands the creative and productive opportunities for those seeking innovative solutions in synergy with other Selasti production materials.
The acronym “SPRINT” contains powerful meanings, which reflect the characteristics of this extraordinary material. On the one hand, it evokes the idea of speed and extraordinary performance. On the other hand, it recalls the concept of optimization of the power-to-weight ratio, symbolizing the perfect compromise between lightness and performance.
This product represents a new chapter in the history of Selasti.