Serafini, al servizio dell’industria della moda

Serafini: from the art of customization to sustainability, a journey into innovation and growth. Lightweight materials and an ecological commitment to shape the future of global fashion.

In the picturesque setting of Civitanova Marche, a company stands out for its extraordinary capacity for innovation and technology in the sector of support materials and adhesive tapes for footwear, leather goods and leather clothing. We are talking about Serafini, a real point of reference in the fashion world and a pioneer among several companies. The history of Serafini has been shaped by a bold vision and a passion for excellence. Founded several decades ago, the company immediately embraced the potential of new technologies, anticipating market trends and constantly redefining fashion industry standards. What makes Serafini a pioneering company is its constant quest for innovation. Thanks to a team of talented experts and the use of state-of-the-art machinery, the company has developed unprecedented know-how. Their exclusive products are the result of a careful fusion of research, design and advanced technical solutions. The Marche-based company has revolutionized the concept of personalization, offering a wide range of custom-made options, enabling its clients to create unique products that reflect their style and identity. However, the innovation promoted by Serafini does not stop at customization alone: the company constantly invests in research into the latest, lightest and most sustainable materials, and is able to offer eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality and performance. As Roberto Elisei, the Sales Director of the Group, confirmed us in this interview, the company has shown once again that it is possible to improve and achieve important goals, as was the case at the last edition of Lineapelle.
“Lineapelle was a success, despite the difficulties of the present times,” says Elisei. “Foreign markets, particularly Korea and Mexico, recorded strong growth, confirming their constant interest in our products. Italy kept a good level of interest, while we recorded a significant increase in sales in Spain, thanks to the opening of our new subsidiary. Overall, the result is positive and confirms our strategy of international expansion. We are satisfied with the results and are confident that our growth will continue in the coming years.” In 2022, the company recorded record growth of 80%. In 2023, slowed to a 50% rate compared to 2021, but is still 50% higher than in 2020. These results confirm the solidity and strength of the company, which continues to grow steadily. At Lineapelle, a new range of products was also presented, the result of a process of innovation and improvement of already existing materials.
“In particular, we have been working on making our products more performing and lighter, in line with the current fashion trend,” confirms the Manager. “For example, we developed new products for Stella McCartney that make its bags lighter than previous models, without sacrificing technical performance. In addition, we have expanded our range of customized products to meet specific client requests. Production related to customization plays an extremely important role for our group. We have spent long periods of study, even six or seven months, as in the case of Celine, to fully understand their needs. Our strength lies in our ability to create exclusive products tailored to each client. We purchase the raw material and, thanks to our in-depth knowledge and advanced in-house technology, we are able to process the materials in every possible way. Our capacity and equipment allow us to create any type of product requested. Our flexibility is our distinctive strength. We are satisfied with the results achieved so far because they confirm our leadership in the industry and our ability to respond immediately to market demands.” Sustainability is also a major issue for Serafini, which offers a wide range of products that are already available and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.
“We are ready to respond to the growing demand for sustainable products, as we have developed a wide range of green solutions. However, at the moment we still do not see a large demand in this area and there are still some paradoxes to be addressed. Nevertheless, we are fortunate to use materials derived from readily available and recyclable plastics. Importantly, our products are integrated into other products, thereby offering a sustainable option to a wide range of consumers. In addition, many of our materials are certified according to the GRS standard, ensuring the traceability and sustainable origin of our supplies. We hope that the world will increasingly adapt to recycling, as it is good for everyone, considering the pervasive presence of plastic in the environment and the need to reduce our ecological impact,” concludes Roberto Elisei.

From the left: Carlos Almanza, Head Colombia, Andrea Santolini Eurocompo Mexico, Roberto Elisei, Group Commercial Director, Marco Serafini, Group President, Pierluigi Marino of Arte Tessile and Joaquim Teixeira, Texan Portugal