Serafini, sensing changes and grasping their effects in advance

Headquartered in Civitanova Marche, Serafini Group is getting ready for the future by investing in product innovation and in the optimization of corporate processes.

Strong motivation, hard work, experience and professionalism. And, we might add, the ability to promptly adjust to market demands. The philosophy fostered by Serafini – prominent company in the production of supporting materials and adhesive tapes for several sectors, including the footwear, leatherware and leather garments industries – has led the way even in such a difficult period, still deeply affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The firm succeeded in managing the whole situation with its usual entrepreneurial resourcefulness, registering a turnover increase that resulted in further investments in product as well as process innovation. “In 2020, we noticed an overall rise in turnover amounting to 20% compared to the previous year,” explained Marco Serafini, owner of the company, entrepreneur, and ship owner with great passion for sailing. In the first months of the health emergency, the Marche-based firm reacted promptly by changing its production, focusing on the making of materials for the manufacturing of PPEs such as facial masks and surgical gowns, fully compliant with the current regulations. “Our quick response to the new challenge played a key role in order to continue working,” stated Serafini, “even though it was not an easy feat to get the required certifications.” The firm provided some innovations in its core business sector as well. “We have developed a new range of coating products, specifically designed for foamed materials used in the comfort and upholstery industries. Concerning corporate organization, on the other hand, we have implemented warehouses and facilities that currently take up an overall surface of approximately 8000 sqm. Our flagship, now in the design phase, is the new automated warehouse equipped with stacker cranes, aimed at improving markedly the quality of the service provided to the clientele as well as at optimizing both space and the total costs shouldered by the company.” Thanks to WMS (Warehouse Management System), a central computer system, the plant will help maximize storage efficiency and the management of the picking process, while succeeding in reducing the time required for orders handling and goods replenishment. Furthermore, the installation of the WMS software will put the warehouse in contact with all the corporate divisions and with the branch offices abroad, thus becoming an effective source of data and information that can be analysed on the spot.
The Group headquartered in Civitanova Marche has been experiencing a global success, a trend confirmed by its organization structure, the latter featuring eight subsidiaries and three production facilities based in Italy, Mexico and Portugal, as well as a worldwide sales and distribution network.

Serafini Group’s headquarters in Civitanova Marche