Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico, A fresh restart with new technological innovations

A confident, optimistic vibe is that of Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico, based in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona provice). The company, founded in 1963 by Ezechiele Persico, is specialized in the production of through-feed fleshing machines.

“The months of pandemic – says Diego Gabrielli, Sales and Commercial Manager – have encouraged us to intensify R&D activities and to finalize the design of technological innovations and important news regarding our product range. The cancelation of the international trade fairs forced us to use alternative methods to communicate with customers, but now we are pleased to announce our participation in Tanning Tech 2021 in Milan, in September, where we will showcase the outcome of our work.”

“Even within our company – he adds – we had to adapt and work to ensure the smooth running of the activities. Within the company, a reorganization of the offices, changing rooms, canteen and work spaces was carried out in full compliance of the safety regulations, to guarantee the well-being of all our employees. The Covid-19 emergency has made it impossible to our specialized technicians to travel for maintenance or assistance and international visits to salesmen. We have rediscovered the importance of electronic communication, and, by taking advantage of digital platforms, we have guaranteed our customers the prompt shipment of spare parts and provided an impeccable remote assistance service. The impossibility of traveling made us think about the importance of using new means of communication and spurred us to focus more on our machinery.”

The business and market strategies that have led Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico to outstand at an Italian and international level are still the same. “Our goal – concludes the Sales and Commercial Manager – is to provide a 100% reliable, performing and intuitive product, that can be upkept even by non-specialized technicians, without the need for intervention by none of our operators.“

Diego Gabrielli

Persico Costruzioni Meccaniche