SILVATEAM – Aplf Dubai

World leader in the production and marketing of tannins and plant extracts, Silvateam is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of Bio-circular economy thanks to Ecotan, a completely sustainable and cutting-edge technology that allows hides to be tanned without the use of any metals, chrome, triazine and other harmful substances. “Ecotan – remarks Alessandra Taccon, Director of the Ecotan Project, present for the first time in Dubai – met great success. After a long period of travel restriction, we were able to gather again with our tannery partners of the Middle East and meet new potential leads of the Leather Fashion industry from UAE neighboring countries. The level of attendance, the quality of our international meetings as well as the growing demand for our green Ecotan tanning technology boosted new challenging opportunities and gave Silvateam renovated energy, looking ahead to the next Ecotan development steps in the area.”