Soft Gold of Russia, a successful event


From April 15 to April 18, 2019, the 3rd International Exhibition of Fur and Leather Products “Soft Gold of Russia” was held in Russia. The venue of the Exhibition is Pyatigorsk, a resort town in the south of Russia, which is called the Country’s fur Capital. Up to 70% of Russian fur production is concentrated in the vicinity of the town.

The annual exhibition “Soft Gold of Russia” is one of the significant events of the Russian fur market. It has been held since 2017. Its exposition site gathers more than 150 manufacturers of quality goods. Every year the range of exhibited goods expands, embracing outerwear made of fur and leather, hats and accessories. The geography of participants is also wide: factories of Russia, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Germany show their products, as well as the world’s largest fur auctions. In 2019 by the number of exhibitors and visitors Soft Gold of Russia became the largest fur exhibition in Europe.

Soft Gold of Russia

The first day of the Exhibition ended with an enchanting gala show of models from Russian manufacturers, sponsored by the international fur auction Kopenhagen Fur. The event turned to be a true show of beauty and craftsmanship. The second day ended just as festively – with a Gala show of works from fur and leather magicians of Turkey, Greece and Germany. The spectacular effect of both shows was eloquently testified by the stormy reaction and enthusiastic reviews of numerous guests, who filled the screening hall to the utmost. And their effectiveness was proved by numerous cooperation agreements signed by visitors with manufacturers of the demonstrated collections.


Through those days the southern resort town Pyatigorsk has become not only the Fur capital of Russia, but also one of the centers of the world fur fashion.


According to the organizers, satisfaction of exhibitors and customers with the Exhibition results is their main task in preparing it. “We will make every effort to ensure that our events continue to leave a maximum of positive emotions for each participant and each visitor!” says Alexey Semkin, Soft Gold CEO.

The Fourth international exhibition “Soft Gold of Russia” will open on 04/22/2020.