Syn-Bios Spa, Background and skills, the secrets of success

Syn-Bios SpA, a chemical company that has been operating in the tanning sector for over 35 years, has always invested in its in-house laboratories to offer innovative and cutting-edge products

The entrepreneurial strategy has always been to offer cutting-edge and innovative products. And in a more selective market as in recent years, this has been possible through unceasing and important investments in research and development. This is the main secret of success, which especially in the last decade has turned into constant growth, of Syn-Bios SpA, a chemical company headquartered in Montebello Vicentino, in the Arzignano district, that ranks as customers the best tanneries and groups, not only in its area, but worldwide. Winning choices have been made by the Gastaldello family, led by the current President Daniele, who founded it in 1988 (last year the company celebrated 35 of business), supported for over a decade by his son Enrico, Vice President and Chief Commercial Office.

In particular, in the last three years the Veneto-based company has developed several new products, aiming at an unceasing improvement of the process and offer. The work on the constant implementation of the finishing product portfolio, a segment that has always made the company stand out on the market, is very significant: the launch of a range of pigments totally dedicated to the automotive world, completely reflective of sunlight and heat, is strategic.

One of Syn-Bios SpA ‘ winning cards is its strong attention to the environment, for which considerable resources have been invested in economic and research terms. Also in this case the challenge was won, and will still be pursued in the future, not only due to the increasingly restrictive and ever-evolving international regulations. As a matter of fact, the driving principle of the company’s policy is the elimination of harmful chemical substances from its formulations: only in this way can the process of reducing the chemical impact of the entire supply chain be concretely accelerated, generating innovation, improving the well-being of workers and progressing towards greater sustainability of the entire value chain.

In 2021, the very early achievement of the level 3 ZDHC, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, concretely crowned a virtuous path: this is the highest level of the “Roadmap to Zero” program, a great success for Syn-Bios SpA, always committed to social and environmental sustainability. Having so quickly acquired this certification – which is very complex to achieve, as it is necessary to demonstrate extreme professionalism and control management -, represented a fundamental growth step: Syn-Bios has been the first non-multinational chemical company, worldwide, to get this recognition. The ZHDC program has been equipped with a database of verified sustainable chemistry, called the Gateway, a portal where each company is required to constantly update its own data and which users from all over the world can consult, in order to responsibly choose safe and certified products.

After achieving such a goal, Syn-Bios SpA has shown that its products are conform to the list of restricted substances (MRSL) for formulations and raw materials, as they successfully passed the tests about the correctness of the procedures in the management of chemical substances. The Vicenza-based company is considered a promoter of sustainable chemistry by large groups and high-fashion brands, as they provide traced products and company processes that respect the environment and the health of employees. The main aim of ZDHC is to reduce the chemical footprint in the leather, clothing and footwear sector, gradually eliminating dangerous substances and driving towards the diffusion of an increasingly green policy. The research and development activities, carried out entirely in-house at the Montebello headquarters, is guaranteed by a close-knit team of chemistry graduates, built over time with attention and scrupulousness, so to meet in advance new market demands.

Daniele e Enrico Gastaldello at Aplf Hong Kong 2024