Tacchificio Monti, a full cycle company

Tacchificio Monti fully follows the development of the item, from the initial design to the finishes of the moulded product

A process that makes use of the best craftsmanship and technical skills, and the use of a state-of-the-art machine park.
Accounted among the most prominent Italian enterprise in its sector, Tacchificio Monti, headquartered in Marzabotto, Bologna province, is specialized in the manufacturing of heels, soles accessories for high-end women’s footwear. The company recently undertook two strategic initiatives: on the one hand, the design of a brand-new accessories collection for shoes, leather goods and garments, conceived to branch out production and to meet an ampler range of requirements, while, on the other, the achievement of the coveted GRS certification that highlights it commitment in terms of eco-friendly manufacturing procedures.

tacchificio monti settembre 2021