Tacchificio Monti, green mission

Tacchificio Monti’s innovation and evolution process continues, featuring a keen eye for environmental sustainability and for the circular economy of its production cycle

“We feared that uncertainty would mark strongly the post-Covid upswing phase; instead, we are satisfied with the results achieved so far,” stated Lara Monti at the latest edition of Lineapelle. The firm headquartered in Marzabotto (Bologna province), specialized in the manufacturing of heels, soles and accessories for women’s shoes designed for the most prominent fashion brands, chose not to attend the trade show dedicated to the 2023 Spring/Summer collections: “We had our hands full with several projects and we did not want to run the risk of showing up without our usual range of innovations. We digitized the corporate processes thanks to the implementation of a new management software, the latter a pivotal, delicate decision. We succeeded in achieving the GRS – Global Recycle Standard certification, a feat that required a year of hard work and that has highlighted Tacchificio Monti’s commitment to the optimization of resources consumption within the manufacturing cycle as well as to the recycling of scraps. With great effort and enthusiasm, we restyled and then uploaded the new website, now featuring an eye-catching, user-friendly graphic design, so as to keep conveying our concept of a business deeply tied to its origins, yet in tune with the times.”
Equally satisfying the results concerning the development of a fashion accessories line. “We have branched out our production in order to further expand our scope of action,” confirmed Lara Monti. “During the “time- out” period caused by the pandemic emergency, we came up with an idea, that is, to manufacture in-house our own collection of fashion components in ABS and TPU, featuring metallic finishes as well: we have managed to achieve a top-notch quality level, always in full compliance with environmental safeguard and safety standards. The line has caught on and we are now able to develop any project provided by style departments.”
As for trends, the new look pays tribute to the return to normal and to personal creativity: “There is no heel par excellence, each model has its own design and distinctive features. I am noticing that peculiar, diversified solutions are back in the limelight,” stated Lara Monti. “In general, stones and transparent effects are the main protagonists.”


Lara Monti