Tacchificio Villa Cortese, heels become sustainable

For TACCHIFICIO VILLA CORTESE, sustainability has become a philosophy that drives the company to continuous renewal and the search for responsible and respectful solutions for future generations

«Knowing how to combine beauty with functionality through a skilful balance between craftsmanship and innovation» is the claim of TVC Group, a reality that also includes the well- known Milanese heel factory specialized in heel modeling. The dexterity and craftsmanship acquired in the first decades of history with the production of wooden heels still today constitutes a wealth of knowledge for the company that allows it to adapt flexibly to the most varied customer and market requests. Now in its third generation, the company bases its business on fundamental values such as ethics, responsible innovation, sustainability, passion, care and tradition. These values, coupled with a clear and coherent vision over time, have supported the company’s vision and shaped its culture, enabling it to become an international point of reference. Silvia Paganini, Marketing Sales Director of TACCHIFICIO VILLA CORTESE, tells us how product innovation is a necessary asset to always approach the company mission in a way that is consistent and increase the performance, sustainability and quality of its products.
Product optimization and research with a view to sustainability: what progress have you made?
“We have recently presented our latest patent, FHEELBIO, which is a new material that is added to our portfolio of registered brands created to meet the specific needs of our customers, both from a stylistic-technical and sustainability”.
What kind of material are we talking about?
“It is an alternative to traditional ABS which can be used in a flexible and transversal way on any type of heel and which is characterized by being bio-circular attributed. Fheelbio is a material that has identical performance, quality and properties of standard products with the plus of lower environmental impact indicators. We are talking about a non-virgin solution but partially or totally derived from hydrocarbon mixtures of renewable origin”.
What feedback have you had from the market?
“Absolutely good, also because this material approaches sustainability with a different methodology from the traditional ones, i.e. through mass balance, and validated by a supply chain certification. So all those involved in the transformation of the material, before us, are provided with an ISCC PLUS sustainability certificate which guarantees both traceability and the percentage of raw materials that are used”.
Why was this project born?
“Our goal is to satisfy market needs as much as possible. Clearly the heel is a type of product for which durability and performance are essential. It is as if it were the backbone of an infrastructure, or of an architecture, therefore the range of usable materials is very narrow. What we are trying to do is find solutions, first of all, which can be transversal and therefore usable on the “ballerina heel” as well as on the “stiletto” and, secondly, which can be a little more extreme on a stylistic level”.
Speaking of style, what’s the hottest trend for next season?
“There is still great interest in transparents but it is increasingly difficult to standardize trends. In recent years the proposals have become extremely diversified, ranging from sporty to the most extreme elegant”.
In addition to the pure realization of the product, what do your customers ask you?
“While in the past there was much more demand for already developed products, something on which to invest little in terms of both research and development and industrialization, this year many customers have asked us for real consultancy because they are looking for something previously unreleased. We also work starting from a simple sketch. This is undoubtedly a positive sign also in terms of investment that brands, more or less small, can have for new structures or for a shoe product”.
The valorization and dissemination of ideas and knowledge is one of your other values, even in relation to emerging brands, correct?
“Yes, we also believe in emerging or small brands that may not have the strength, especially in the launch phases, to invest in mold series. So in the last few years we have personally invested in the creation of ad hoc molds to be able to intercept the interest of new stylists as well. It’s very challenging, as well as a good exercise, to work with them because the requests can also be very specific”.
Do you have new projects in the works?
“We are working hard on the implementation of the production process with a view to traceability and digitization of all processes. This is the focus for the near future as well as continuing to implement the materials we have in our catalog and therefore the possibility of offering the customer more and more choice depending on the product or specific need”.