Tacchificio Villa Cortese, the blockchain for traceable heels

Ensuring the traceability of their products through Blockchain technology.

Ensuring the traceability of their products through Blockchain technology. That’s the latest challenge undertaken by Tacchificio Villa Cortese, the company based in Parabiago specializing in the production of components for footwear. The goal is to become a strategic and certified partner of quality and excellence for its customers.
The company, founded in 1961 by Luigi Gazzardi, lies its foundations on innovation, a leitmotiv that guarantees continuity in the business’ history. Today, the third generation carries on this purpose trough R&D activities aimed at keeping up with the technological evolution in the sector: the Blockchain will become an integral part of the business processes linked to the certification of quality and sustainability of the product.
From the first applications in the financial field, the Blockchain (a shared and “immutable” data structure defined as a digital record whose entries are grouped into “blocks”, filed in chronological order, and whose integrity is guaranteed by the use of cryptography) has greatly expanded its range and today it assumes an increasingly significant role in the productive universe. Thanks to the collaboration with MyChicJungle, a consultancy firm for innovation and digital communication, Tacchificio Villa Cortese is now able to develop heels for luxury footwear tracked on Blockchain for the most prestigious international fashion brands. Also thanks to 4.0 machinery, able to produce diagnostic data during the production cycle, the historic factory has recently launched a sample of the “B2B online catalog”, in which different characteristics of the products are shown, such as the analysis for the choice of materials, laboratory data, mechanical and resistance simulations.

Tacchificio Villa Cortese