Tecno Minuterie Group, navigating change while upholding tradition

Despite a certain stagnation in the sector, the Padova- based company adapts to the changing needs of the market without losing sight of the essence of its mission, confirming its commitment to quality and respect for environmental regulations.

The bright red of its stand stands out at Lineapelle. Tecno Minuterie Group, with thirty years of experience in the production of metal hardware and the construction of cold-working dies, proudly displays its excellent products. The driving force behind the company has always been continuous innovation, supported by a constant search for technologies, cutting-edge materials, and updated, modern, and dynamic organizational systems. Since the company’s first product in 1986, a work boot hook, a lot of time has passed. Many innovations and developments have been made to the production processes, and the range of products has been greatly expanded. For about a decade, Tecno Minuterie Group has started the production of steel hardware, a metal particularly appreciated in the sector for its strength and corrosion resistance, with hooks for footwear, buckles, rings, buttons, studs rivets, eyelets; articles and accessories for every category of footwear: from work shoes to outdoor footwear to high fashion. At Lineapelle, Tecno Minuterie Group did not focus on new products, but on “classic” and well-established items, reconfirmations showcased even present at the previous edition of the fair.

“There is a certain staticism in the market in this sector,” explains Silvano Ceron, founder and owner of Tecno Minuterie Group together with Aldo Crivellari, “and from customers there are rarely requests for new products. Even as far as colors are concerned, the situation is quite stationary: in safety footwear the colors are more or less fixed, while in fashion they have already been all widely tested. The innovations in fashion footwear do not concern so much the hardware as the upper, the shape, or the sole. The accessory remains quite neutral. What is most requested – continues Ceron – is compliance with sustainability regulations and, since they are increasingly restrictive and constantly changing, our current commitment is mainly to meet these criteria. Our products are in fact made exclusively with certified raw materials – iron, brass, copper and stainless steel – and each product is accompanied by technical data sheets”.