Tecno Minuterie, a passe-partout for every sector

Tecno Minuterie Group, headquartered in Selvazzano Dentro, Padua province, boasts over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of small metals parts to be used in the fashion industry – especially in the footwear, apparel and leatherware branches – and molds. A multi-faceted product portfolio – that embraced through the years also the Work&Safety sector, embodying a well- established know-how, an in-depth knowledge of the market and its needs as well as an ongoing aesthetic and technological research: rivets, ring-hooks, rings, buckles, press buttons, backs, eyelets, accessories and decorations, inserts, elastic pins for heels and reinforcements. Functional and well-crafted, performing and in line with market’s needs, all the articles comprised in the corporate catalogue are made with the finest materials (brass and steel), available in a wide range of colors and finishes, conceived to effectively meet all kinds of requests and fully compliant with the safety specifications set by the EU regulations.
Acknowledged worldwide as a true reference point for the sector, Tecno Minuterie Group provides its clientele with solutions featuring a favorable price/ quality ratio that manage to enhance the value of the finished product, by giving a stylish, creative touch to high-end fashion collections.